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Address : Susano Road, Brgy. 170, Novaliches, Caloocan City

The location for Amaia Square Nova is perhaps ideal as both a residence and as a location to start up a small commercial retail business for many reasons, not least of all it is within the Philippines most populous city.

Although Quezon City did not remain the Philippines capital for very long, it still plays an increasingly important part within the country’s business community. The many corporate headquarters that choose to move to Quezon City ensures continued employment for those that live in the city and for many that commute to it on a daily basis. Plus the existence of one of Mega Manila’s most popular parks already in the city means that even on weekends there are many people that travel to Quezon City. The one thing that any business needs is customers and so with potential customers building to Quezon City’s already high population means the potential for any business is great.

The actual location within Quezon City is also well thought out as it is close to many other residential projects, most of which do not have the convenience of retail outlets and in today’s modern, hectic lifestyles, convenience becomes increasingly more important. The fact that there are large malls nearby and other popular facilities does not take away the importance of a convenient retail business or pose a threat to such a business but, they do offer the retail outlet owners their own convenience for both their leisure hours and their family’s needs such as schools, churches and hospitals. Many of the nearby facilities are within just 1km from Amaia Square Nova and include:


  •     D Square Commercial Complex - 0.29 km
  •     Novaliches Plaza Wet and Dry Market - 0.37 km
  •     San Roque Supermarket - 0.53 km
  •     Novaliches Plaza Mall - 0.54 km
  •     Savemore Novaliches - 0.56 km


  •     Nova food park - 0.82 km
  •     Dorys - 1.12 km
  •     Don Cuisine - 1.56 km
  •     Bulalo Fiesta - 1.70 km
  •     Bobis Resto bar - 1.81 km


  •     San Agustin Elementary School - 0.35 km
  •     St. Lukes School - 0.42 km
  •     BEST LINK COLLEGE - 0.42 km
  •     Metro Manila College - 0.54 km
  •     Maranatha Christian Academy of Novaliches MCA Novaliches - 0.63 km


  •     Our Lady Of Mercy Hospital - 0.51 km
  •     Fairview Polymedic Hospital - 0.54 km
  •     A. R. Bautista Children And General Hospital - 0.68 km
  •     Novaliches General Hospital - 1.34 km
  •     Sta. Lucia General Hospital - 1.42 km


  • Glad Tidings Clarismatic Church – 0.11km
  • Maranatha First Evangelical Church – 0.35km
  • IEMELIF – 0.35km
  • Our Lady of Mercy Church – 0.55km
  • Notre Dame de vie Retreat – 0.62km
  • Novaliches Baptist Church – 0.72km
  • John Mark United Methodist Church – 0.74km

Of course the fact that Amaia Square Nova is conveniently located next to other Amaia residential developments like Amaia Series Novaliches and Amaia Steps Novaliches is no coincidence as having convenience retail outlets close by also adds to their benefits for residents and provides a potential nearby customer base for the commercial ventures of Amaia Square Nova residents.

Nearby Establishments

  • 3 kilometers from Fairview Terraces and SM Fairview
  • Educational institutions such La Consolacion College and St. Luke’s School
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